Health Care Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over the next ten years, nursing will have the largest job growth of any occupation. There currently is a critical shortage of nurses nationwide, forcing many areas to import nurses from countries such as Canada and the Philippines.

Nurses also are well paid: the nationwide average is $45,500. Bonuses typically are offered for night and weekend shifts, and for critical care areas. With a Master's Degree a nurse typically earns $62,000 and with a Ph.D., $72,000.
And there's more good news if you are thinking about getting into the nursing profession: the current nursing workforce is aging. Retirements in the next ten years will further increase demand.

Nursing jobs will be available across the nation. Forty four states, plus the District of Columbia predict severe nursing shortages in the next 15 years.

Launching Your Career

To launch your career in the health care industry, you should investigate one of the many business and technology degrees offered by our featured schools. Among the degrees they offer in the health care field are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

If you already are working as a nurse, and want to further your career, investigate these degree programs:

  • Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management
  • Master of Health Administration
  • Master of Science In Nursing
  • Master of Science in Health Care Education
  • Master of Science in Health Care Administration
  • Doctor of Health Administration


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